Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Middle of the Day Bath

 After lunch today, I decided to give Gunnar a quick bath. He was due for one yesterday or maybe even the day before. Plus the wet wipes just couldn't cut it as I attempted to wipe weenies, catsup, chicken, carrots, and peach applesauce. So I stripped him down and took him to the tub.

 Finley decided to join in and was sticking her foot in the tub and swooshing the water around. When she would take her foot out and resting it on the edge, it was leaving dirt all over the side of the bathtub. I told her to just get in with him. Plus she had had dried yogurt in her hair for two days. She's a bit like a boy in the summer and never wants to bathe either. Then it became a middle of the day bath. Which is rare for us because S & F are night bathers. I usually beg Kyle to wash Gunnar or we just assembly line bathe them all and get it all over with at once.

The mid-day wash did throw them off a bit. After I took Gunnar out, he wanted his toothbrush and started saying "Barney Book", both being part of his nighttime ritual. I told him it was lunch and he just had to nap, not bedtime. Then Finley walks out with her towel and asks if she has to put her pajamas on! Dude, it's not bedtime!!! Although, maybe I should confuse them like this more often and put them to bed when it's still light-at lunch! Haha!!!


Mandi Watts said...

I'm glad I'm not the only mom who doesn't bathe her kids every day and doesn't truly enjoy the bath time process. I suspect if you put them to bed in the middle of the day, you would regret it about the time you got ready for bed yourself! :)

Chey-Anne Smart said...

That is true-I might regret the noon bedtime!!! LOL! And no, they so don't bathe every night!