Monday, August 20, 2012

Gunnar at 21 Months

 Oh, man, my baby has grown this summer. Gunnar is 21 months and will be 22 month on August 27th! He talks and talks and talks!!! I guess his speech is the most changing thing about him. He is saying small sentences-I eat nack nack, thank you mama, no no mean daddy! Ha! And Kyle wasn't even doing anything! My heart still melts when I see his little curls-I might never cut them! So, no, he has not a haircut yet.

 Loves:  Barney(obsessed), Mickey Mouse, loading his trucks, rocks, pushing Finley's baby stroller, jumping on the trampoline, peeing in the yard(typical boy), choo choo trains, Milo the hamster, being read to, sliding, getting into markers, flashlights, chocolate, gummies, green beans, weenies, yogurt, chocolate milk, and juice-juice.

 Dislikes: Mom making him sleep, getting thrown up in the air-he just now let us swing him a little, he's not eating his veggies very well, riding in the carseat, mom brushing his teeth, his hair getting washed, stopping for anything while he's playing!
 He weighs 27 pounds, wears size 4 diapers, mostly 24 mo. clothing, and he's taller but wont' let me measure him!
 I love his sweet little voice. Some of his favorite words are juice-juice. He will say it to me at least 100 times till I get up in the morning and get it. Very persistant little guy. He says pease(please) and that thoo(thank you), everyone's names, nack nack (snack snack), inny (Finny), bubbie (Slade), Bar (Barney), I eat (for a sucker?!?), I tickle you, Me (and points to himself), and about 100 other words. Like I said, his speech has taken off! It just amazes me every day how much he learns. I love it when he does the horse sound, too. He loves to do all the animal and truck sounds.

 He still has some chunky feet and hands. I love them so much! He's not crying when we take him to the church nursery. He loves to play in Slade's room. He loves to go with Kyle. He gives everyone kisses at all times and will just walk up and hug me.

 Gunnar sleeps pretty well. He pretty much sleeps most nights till about 6 or 7. Sometimes I can put him in bed with me and he will sleep till 8, sometimes not (like this morning we've been up since 6:15). He usually takes from an hour to two hour nap. I am grateful for the 2 hour nap days!

There's just not much sweeter. I love this boy and refuse to let him grow up!!!

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Cutest boy I ever did see! Cita