Monday, June 25, 2012

Gunnar's First Sentence

I had to write this down today so I wouldn't forget. My sweet baby said his first sentence today! He loves to play with Milo the hamster. He walks around Slade's room and cries for him to put the cage on the floor so he can see him. Slade put it in the living room floor this afternoon and I told Gunnar to get a cracker to feed Milo. I gave him a peanut butter cracker out of the pantry and he ran as fast as his little legs would take him to the cage and dropped it in. Of course, Milo started eating it immediately! I said, "Look, Gunnar, he's eating it." Gunnar crouched down beside the cage and said, "Milo eat snack-snack!" I was so excited and Finley kept trying to get him to repeat it. He did finally said it once again really quickly. It was funny, though, because she had a slinky he wanted and kept telling him he could have it if he would say it. He looked at her and said, "Please?" It was so sweet. Goodnight, he's 19 months old and already a genius! Such a smart boy!

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