Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Week-In Review

(Warning-long post & crazy mom babbling) Man, what a week it was. Not that anything earth shattering happened, but it did poop me out. I'm just tired thinking about it. Actually, let's backtrack to last Friday.

So Friday, Cita calls and blesses us with a last minute, surprise visit. We were jazzed! I was keeping Campbell for B anyways, so I had more hands to help. Even better. I cooked dinner and the kids played. Gunnar had been up the last two nights with croup and the nurse called him in some steroids Friday morning.

The kids played, but shortly after this pic, the green fairy would start to run fever. She continued to run it all night, whereas Gunnar decided he would wake up fifty times, just for the heck of it. Ok, he's had croup all week, but seriously. Saturday morning, we were moving pretty slow. Campbell would go to the dr later that morning only to find out she had strep. Don't worry-I sanitized that microphone.

But we couldn't move slow bc Slade had a football game across town at 10 am! Look at Gunnar-this is what we all looked like trying to make it to the game on time! It was cold and rainy and I didn't dress Finley warm enough.

And then Cita taught him how to drive. He might have to drive us to Slade's game one day.

Then Sunday I was deliriously tired and it was the 10th anniversary of 9-11. This was a memorial at one of the parks-a flag for every life lost on that day. I was really stunning in person. Flags everywhere. I had just been married less than two months. So I watched all the footage and Sunday night I went to bed being disturbed and saddened by all the memories of that terrible day.

Monday this dude had to go to the dr and I begged for some antibiotics. I hate to give him antibiotics, but he really needed something. It was getting ridiculous. And since Dr. Steve took off on us and the new pediatrician is suuuuuupppppeeerrr busy with his patients, his wife's who's on maternity leave patients, and all of Dr. Steve's old patients, it was too hard to get in. We ran to my drs clinic after we got brother and sister to school. Dr. Rozeen hooked us up. And can I just tell you that I have discovered that the new pediatrician is TWO years younger than me. Yes, disturbing, I know. I think of my guy friends I grew up with that are two years younger than me, and wonder if I would let them work on my sick child. Hmmmm. Yes, that's a post for another day.

Tuesday brought us to school day for everyone, errands out the wazoo, and Supper Club. Gunnar had a terrible day at school. Cried all day, along with the entire wing of the school. I think it was a cry day. That made me sad to leave him unhappy. That night I left all three kids with Kyle, who had to take them all to football practice, where it was cold and raining, and I snuck off to Supper Club. I made the dessert for the night-red velvet cheesecake brownies. And Yum is what I can say.

This made Supper Club even better.

And as Wednesday and Thursday rolled by, we didn't stop. Within those two days, we did homework, fund raised, kept Allie-bug, picked up that rugrat in the above photo from school, cooked, cleaned, cleaned, washed,

did sports day, washed more clothes, gave medicine, ran more errands,

braided hair, washed, took Tylenol, packed lunch, bottles, food, washed, picked up, changed diapers,
took pics of all three kids, picked up, cleaned the kitchen. Did I mention I washed???

In the midst of everything else, I decided to move Gunnar in Finley's room with her. Yes, this deserves a post all to itself. Here are the highlights. I painted till midnight Monday, after what seemed like 50 different paint colors, painted three hours on Tuesday, went through two entire closets, and 8 million toys.

The room was red, now it looks like this. Like I said, this will be another post.

And then this dude just looked cute in footed pjs and pushed his toy around the living room all week.
And then my friend from California sent me this where I came to the immediate conclusion that I am not the #1 Twilight Fan. This person apparently is. Which reminds me I also began reading Breaking Dawn again because it's only 8 weeks away from the first movie!!!! I have to be up to speed, you know, seeing that I won't be getting this tatoo-ed on my torso. I really have no words for this work of art......

And Gunnar did alot of chihuahua watching out the patio door this week, as well.

And eating. Actually he didn't eat as much this week bc he was puny, but it evidently didn't stop him from spitting medicine in my face. Hates it.

And after what seems like 12 football practices, football pics, a dance lesson, a niece's soccer game, and Gunnar being drug around and woken up from at least 10 naps, that brings up to the weekend. Our AC went out in the house on Friday night. My husband has acted distraught, my kids are grumpy. We've kept the doors open all weekend, where we've heard dogs barking, birds chirping, and we even had a stray dog walk into our living room and look at me. Fun times. But at least it's not 105 degrees. I took S & F to church this morning while Kyle and G stayed at home calling AC repairmen. I wonder how much this will cost? Please just be the freon. Please just be the freon. Please just be the freon. Repeat after me.

And we concluded non-air-conditioned weekend with Slade's second football game.
The pros: Slade got to play on turf for the first time
The cons: Slade's team lost, we were there over two hours-with a 10 month old, it was hot, and the stands had no backs.

Finley was mad that I didn't let her push the stroller after she ran the stroller into a telephone pole walking up to the game. Gunnar was mad Slade woke him up looking for his football uniform.

The game wasn't the best of times. And that's all I have to say about that.

So that sums up this week and then some. I will conclude with this.......

Hamburger meat that rotted one day after the sell by date(and made me really mad) - $6.75
6 cans of sample paint to find the right shade of khaki - $18
A prescription of steroids and antibiotics - $30
The feeling you get when your AC goes out and you leave the front door open long enough for a bird to crap inside your entryway - PRICELESS!


Funky Finds said...

Man, I am exhausted just reading this! However, you had my attention at the mention of sangria. I think you need a bottle, a hot bath & a nap....without kids or interruption! You're probably thinking DREAM ON!

Chey-Anne Smart said...

Well Jess, tonight I got the hot bath, a short 20 min nap with several interruptions, but no sign of the sangria??? I think I'm missing a vital element!