Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gunnar is Ten Months!!!

I have no idea where last week went, but it came and went and it's already Tuesday. Don't ask me. But what I can tell you is that a certain someone turned ten months last week! I really have no words. I have less than two months to enjoy Gunnar's first year and then I will never get it back. The rate at which these babies grow and change is truly amazing. And sad. And makes me want to stop the clock and kiss his fat little neck and touch the little blond chick fuzz hair on the back of his very large head. I love this baby!

This is what he does for the better part of his day. Pulls up to a stand, and then gets into whatever he can get his hands on. He even started to try to get away from me this afternoon by crawling down the hall in turbo mode! It was so funny and he chuckled when I caught him!

Ten Month Stats:

Size: 21 lbs. 10 oz. & 28 inches

Teeth: 4-two top, two bottom

Diapers: Size 4

Clothes: 12-18 mo, 18 mo

Tricks: says "Duck" and moves his hands to the song

Hair: blond and is getting a bit longer in the back

Eyes: Now I'm not sure they are going to stay blue-they are looking a little grey like his Nana's eyes.

Sleeping: Goes to bed around 7:30. Has a bottle at midnight. Usually sleeps till 5 or 6. Short nap in the morning, and hopefully a longer nap at 3pm. He is slowly getting better but I don't think he will ever be a master sleeper!!! Ha!

Highlights: Pushes while walking his standing toy around the living room, shakes his head "no" and uses his hand to push something away he doesn't want, sucks out of a straw.

If we ask him where Finley is, he will look at her-does this with all of us, including the dog! Puts balls into his toy all by himself. Cita showed him how to turn the light switch off. Pulls all the lids out of the kitchen drawer!

He says some word that starts with a "B" when he sees the dog, so I think he's trying to say something that sounds like Bella to him. Yes, he might be a genius.

He loves to play in Finley and Slade's rooms-so many things to put in his mouth!!!

"Mom, what exactly am I doing here? I don't get it?"

"Oh, you are wanting to take my photo for the tenth time with that piece of paper! I get it!"

Nope, he's outta here!

But wait a minute, he might just want to grab that paper. He loves him some good old-fashioned notebook paper!

He rips.

He bites.

He eats. And luckily he now spits out the paper pieces he eats.

"Hmmmmm. Not as good as I once thought it was. It's a little dry."

Some new things Gunnar learned this month:

1.)He has mastered drinking out of a straw! I bought him two sippy cups that have straws. Works great for him!
2.) Loves to try to turn on the water and pull out the stopper in the bath tub, which leads to him slipping and sliding and practically diving in the tub. It's basically like a whale splashing all over the tub real crazy-like. I am usually drenched too.

We have now moved on to big boy jammies. I am very sad about this. Not many one pieces come in his size any more so I had to buy the two piece ones. I am not accepting this fact very well, although he does look precious in them!

Four teeth total these days. Could he be any cuter?!? I cannot forget to tell that the last month or so, Kyle has been taking him when he wakes up at 6am on Saturday mornings and lets me sleep. They have been going to Cracker Barrel to eat before 8 and I hear that G likes pancakes quite well!

And as of today, I think we are officially done with baby food. He just refuses to eat it anymore. He wants to pick up everything now and feed himself. I can't say I'm too sad about this. It does take more time cutting all foods up into squares, but he can now eat what we do minus the salt and sugar (unless he's with Kyle and then he let's him eat anything-including a peanut).

New Foods he's tried: salmon, beef, weenies, still loves black beans, pineapple, mushrooms, tomato sauce, chick peas, loves canned peas-who knew?, loves whole wheat toast, spaghetti noodles, fig Greek yogurt, eggs, bacon. He eats pretty much anything. Not a fan of bananas or couscous though, to my dismay! I love bananas. I love couscous.

But I will say I have created a monster with the homemade food-he will not eat any packaged meals now. I went out of town this past weekend and he wouldn't eat any of the Gerber meals I bought to leave for him to eat. I had baked chicken with olive oil and spices, cut it into cubes, and froze it. I had to get that out and warm it and he shoveled it in! I guess he's a healthy eater! Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

I love the jammies--hope the next 2 weeks pass fast so I can come see him and all my other #1's! Cita