Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finley's First Day of Kinder!

Yesterday was Fin's first day of half-day kinder at Lakeridge. She was excited and looked super cute on her first day!

Since she just turned five less then six weeks before school started, we decided that she would do a private kindergarten this school year. We thought she needed another year to grow. I have worried many nights about what to do with a July birthday. After I toured the school and thought about things, I knew this was the place for her this year. This school is an "accredited" kinder so next year in public school we have the option to do kinder again or go on to first grade. Right now I plan on sending her to kindergarten. I know that we will not be sorry we kept her another year and I feel great about my decision.

New backpack that she picked out.

She goes every day of the week, so this is very new to her to have to get up. She goes till noon on M,W,F and till 2:45 on T, Th. It's new for me to get three kids to their designated places!!!

And brother started his Children's Day Out at her school, too. He just goes T, Th. It's pretty crazy on those mornings around here! By 10am, I feel as though I've worked a whole day shuffling kids, clothes, food, bottles! As you can tell, G didn't want to stay still for the photo!

Finley finally caught him long enough to snap a photo! He had a good day, too! If I can get all my paperwork turned in, my plan is to sub at Slade's school on those days. It is going to take some strategic planning to do so, but I'm going to give it a good try anyways.

My girl! Love her!


PrEsToNs said...

those pictures are great!!! love the last one of her! :) so pretty! hope she has a great year:)

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty. Lenora

Anonymous said...

I need copies of 2 of the pics. Thank you Lenora I think she is pretty also but then again I am a little prejudiced. Chey-Anne that blue is a good color for her, love the outfit! Cita