Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ruidoso June 2011

We escaped to the cabins last weekend and it was nice! Brandi's family went with us and we did a whole lot of nothing!

It was definitely warmer than usual but we still had to wear a little jacket in the mornings. After 107 in Lubbock, it felt like a blizzard, haha!

The river was the lowest I had ever seen it since I've been going to Ramma's, but the kids still had an absolute ball! And the water was chilly.

Breakfast at our fav, Lincoln County Grill!!! So yummy!!!

Gunnar was way into the gravel. And what is weird about it was that he never tried to eat it!

Still lovin' the gravel.

I think the most exciting part of the trip was most definitely the snake hunt!

Slade spotted the water snake in the river and it went under a rock. We watched for it for some time. It actually charged at a fish twice-it was crazy!

Then Brandi and Slade got a shovel and killed it!

Gunnar had his bath in the kitchen sink.

And tradition of Kyle's family is to go to The Thunderbird to basically pick out "junk". It's lots of fun and the kids are always so excited to go. Fin and Campbell picked out crowns and Slade bought crystals.

Gunnar's first "Pump Picture". So sweet.

Family pic. No makeup on me nor did we fix Finley's hair. We were relaxing, as you can tell.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to three elk wandering along the riverbed. They were HUGE!!!

The Beeler Fam

We took lots of naps.

I had to post a pic of Finley not smiling for me. I hope to show this at her wedding one day. Attitude, pure attitude.

Slade made two friends. They ventured down the river.

We had a nice, long weekend. Can't wait to go back. Hopefully, it will RAIN next time!!!

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Hey isn't it 2011? Love the pics