Monday, June 6, 2011

Gunnar - 7 Months!

My sweet baby boy turned seven months old on the 27th! Wow, how time flies! Don't I say that every month?!? You know you've heard the saying, "If you blink-you'll miss it"-well, that's exactly how I feel. He is growing so fast and I cannot stop the clock. Makes me sad. Makes me tear up. Makes me want to soak up every fat little finger, blonde fuzzy hair, and chubby little body. Goodness, I could eat him up!

First of all, can we discuss the degree of cuteness this little fat body possesses?!? That is one cute chunk! And he loves to put those two fingers in his mouth.

He will finally take a shower without screaming the entire time, but prefers to soak in the tub. He loves to splash the water around and hold the cup that I wash his hair with.

Oh, he LOVES his sippy cup of water. Can't figure out how to get it in his mouth but loves to spill water everywhere. He also wants me to give him water through a straw. He gets furious when I stop to put the straw away. He is still eating breakfast and dinner. So far he has had.......brown rice, oatmeal, avocado, apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, peaches, mango's, plums, prunes, pumpkin, green beans, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, peas, & carrots. He has also had a bite of our strawberries, baked potato, toast, & whip cream. I would say his favs are avocado, zucchini, mango's, pears, & peach oatmeal.

The weekend he turned seven months, he had his first swim at the ranch! Just like his siblings, he took to the water like a little fish. He loved it and smiled the entire time he was in the water.
7 Month Stats...

Diapers - size 3 Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers
Clothes - 9 -12 mo, 12 mo, 12-18 mo
Weight - about 18.8 lbs and getting longer because he's growing out of his sleepers
Sleep - short morning nap, 3 o'clock nap, and still wakes up ALL NIGHT LONG.
Favs - splashing in water, drinking out of his sippy cup, being outdoors, pulling Bella's fur, sitting in his walker, being held, grabbing anything in sight, and tearing up and eating paper.
Highlights - First TOOTH!!! came in the end of May and it's on his bottom right, he is sitting up really well without tipping over too much, clicking his lips, baby talking, jumps in his super saucer. He sat in the grass and played with gravel for the first time, too. He wanted to put rocks in to his mouth soooo bad!!!

Sure likes his Nana to hold him. He also loves to play with anything that isn't a toy. Lids, bowls, spoons, containers, bracelets, paper, cords, keys, phones, etc.

He never gets any attention?!? LOL! Oh, and he's starting to reach for me! I love that so much! When people talk to him, he smiles really big and then turns and rests it on my shoulder like he's embarrassed. It's so cute!

Geez, mom! Quit putting that camera right in my face before warning me!!! And you can't tell by the pic, but the eyes are still hanging in there a blue-ish grey hue. I'm crossing my fingers they stay along with the blonde chick fuzz hair!

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The Boyd Gang said...

Makes me feel better to know someone elses child ate a magnet and survived. I use the HEB diapers. I get 140 size 4 for $26.