Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Goodies and More!

Tonight we went over to Brandi's house and made these..........

Little Peep Easter nests! They turned out really cute. Brandi found them in a magazine I believe and invited us over to make them. After Brandi burned the first bowl of white chocolate, Gunnar cried if you sat him down, Slade was beating on mixing bowls with drumsticks, and the two girls were screaming and fighting with each other, Brandi came to the conclusion that we just aren't that Norman Rockwell family. Word to ya, sister! Ha! We put the "fun" in dysfunctional. But we do have some good times and lots of memories, that's for sure!

One moment they weren't fighting about who did what. They were serious about placing the eggs in the nests, though. The placement of a Peep is serious business.

He didn't help. He just sat and crinkled an empty chocolate chip package. All the while, a Norman Rockwell scene unfolded around him. NOT! I'm seriously going to make a baby toy that crinkles and make a million dollars. And then I would travel to Forks, Washington. And buy some new boobs. And get someone to paint my kitchen cabinets. And then buy an original Norman Rockwell painting so that we could pretend that we are normal. Yep, I'm starting on that toy invention tomorrow. Don't call and bother me.

Helper #1

Helper #2

The gang's all here. Gotta love those Kodak moments. Thanks for the Easter goodies project, Aunt B! I never knew peeps could be so cute!

In other news, I've been neglecting my blog. And I does bother me. One problem is that I have three kids and I'm busy. Another reason is that I'm reading. And when I read, I'm in the zone. I do not pick up books for this very reason. I'm actually reading this book.

And this book. Yes, I am reading two books at once. Because I'm a maniac like that. One book is not enough, I have to read two. They are both on my Kindle and I just switch back and forth. I'm thinking that I have some form of adult onset ADHD. I love to read. I should have been some kind of editor and would get paid for it. I would love that. So to explain my blog neglect, I will tell you that I have to read at night when Fatty Arbuckle goes to sleep-that's my only chance I have all day to pick up the book. And the weird thing is that when I read, I'm sucked in. For instance, when I read Twilight, I thought I was living in Forks. And that I might possibly could be a vampire and well, you know how that turned out. I've got a cardboard cutout of Edward in my attic-shall I say more? And when I'm reading a mystery, I sit and think about the characters all day and how they can solve the crime. And I just cannot wait to see how a story ends so badly that it's all I can do not to skip right to the end and read the last page! I'm crazy! Does anyone else feel like this when they read or am I the only weirdo? Yep, should have been an editor.

Aside from the reading obsession, the kids are just busy. This dude is starting to sit up pretty good. We like to prop him with the Bobby pillow. He thinks it's pretty cool to watch what's going on in this crazy household. Gunnar is super cute, super chunky, and super sweet. He's eating his fruits and veggies and loves to be outside. I have a feeling that I will be investing in a bunch of sunblock this summer! And no, he still doesn't sleep much. What's sleep? You mean people don't stay up 24 hours a day?

Slade finished his first season of basketball. He had a blast and we had a great group of boys and really great parents. They had lots of fun!

And the really great thing is that we did an indoor sport during all this wonderful wind we've had this spring. Can you believe that my baby is about 4 or 5 Mondays away from being a third grader??? Oh, and he is seriously obsessed with his Lego Ninjagos. Who knew?

Somebody is really loving their Super Saucer, especially if it's outside in the garage and he gets to watch Slade & Finley play.

And this girl is a speed demon on her pink scooter. The pierced ears are coming along nicely. And she got to take home her brand new dance costume for her recital in June!

Now, amongst all of the above busy-ness, I have also been working on Slade's room. I repainted it and switched out some furniture. I'm still working on some shelving in there. Kyle has been extremely busy, which is nice but we miss him because he's always working. I got my haircut and it might be a bit short for my liking, but hey, it will grow. My whole fam was struck down with the stomach bug last week and I managed to do about 500 extra loads of laundry and loose two pounds. Slade and Finley have both been on field trips, attended a birthday or two, we filed our taxes, have been searching for a bigger vehicle, and tried not to blow away in this wind! And that, my Dear Watson, is a little bit of what the Smart Bunch has been up to!

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