Friday, December 24, 2010

Ornament Additions

This year I went really simple on the Christmas decorations. With a new baby, momma was tired and just didn't have it in her. We really just put up the minimum. Plus, I was looking at my decor and I really need to step it up a bit. My stuff is the same stuff I've had forever and I think I may need to add to my stash. I think I need a new color scheme for my greenery. Maybe next year.
This year I added some bows that my best friend, Cari, made fro me. I'm not sure I should have picked red with a white angel, but at the time I chose the ribbon, I couldn't remember what color our angel was. We have LOTS of ornaments. Probably could do 2 trees at this point-but they would have to check me into the nuthouse if I were to have to decorate two trees. I love my tree but hate to spread out the branches. I wish I could just roll it into a closet every year.

Oh, who are these three cuties?

This was our "big" purchase as far as decorations this year. I found this at Cracker Barrel of all places for $20. If you haven't shopped there, you should. Neatest place to shop for goodies. The little lights light up by battery and it is about a foot and a half tall. It is so cute. There was a Santa there too and I'm thinking that I might have to go back and get him after Christmas. Maybe he'll be half off.

Ok, so do you remember me saying that I couldn't have another baby because I would have to make a stocking...........well, famous last words! Looks like I need to get on the ball. Gunnar's stocking is a $6 Walgreen's special this year!!! Next year, he will have a brand new sequined stocking to match ours-I already have my eye on two that I really like.

This is our biggest present this year! We had no idea we would have this little candy cane last Christmas. What a difference a year makes! He didn't help much with the decorations. He was too tired. But I bet next year, he pulls every ornament off the tree!!!

Gunnar's new ornament-he actually got two 1st Christmas ornaments because I liked both.

Slade's football ornament with his original artwork.

Go Red Raiders! Please win more games next year.

My chocolate covered strawberry. Finley and my FAVORITE snack! How cute is this!?!

Gunnar's other 1st xmas ornament. I loved the Noah's Ark and had to have it!

Slade just needed this one.

Kyle's snowman globe. He is the only person in the family that has a common name that we can find already printed. Slade wanted his name but I said sorry dude! They don't have your name. This came with a battery that lit up the globe, but we had that sucker burned our the first 24 hours.

Every year I get a family one with all of our names on it. I had not gotten around to getting one with Gunnar's name added and Slade was just distraught. The first week we had the tree up, he asked every day when we would get one with Gunnar's name. I found this one at a kiosk in the mall. They wrote the names on it right there when you purchased it. Slade was happy and didn't drive me crazy anymore. Well, for the moment anyways. (News Bulletin....The Smart Family will not be expanding past the above ornament. Daddy payed a little visited Dr. Spore at Lubbock Urology. We are tickled pink with three!)

Finley's ballerina frog-seriously my favorite ornament this year! I love it!

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