Friday, December 31, 2010

Gunnar Hayes-Two Months!

We've been up to alot this busy holiday season. During all the holiday madness, my sweet baby turned two months old on December 27th! Did I really have a baby 9 weeks ago??? It's still so weird to me that I had a baby and he actually lives here in our house with us. But them I'm reminded every night when I wonder where all my sleep went! Oh the days of having an infant-the sleepiest but best days of your life! What has Mr. Gunnar been up to these days you ask?

He's starting to smile. As you know, he has been pretty disgruntled with life but I think he's starting to come around. I can even catch him in a smile with the camera every once in a while. It's funny, though, he really likes to smile a people with dark hair-Aunt B, Nana, Aurora. He's bored seeing all these blonde peeps at his house everyday!

As of today, which is his 9th week....
Diapers - We are on the verge of size 2, furiously using up the Pamper's sensitive swaddlers size 1's bc they are getting too small for your belly!
Clothes - Size 3-6 months. We like to use the zipper front sleepers at night for quick diaper changes but they are hard dudes to find. Please, someone, make more zipper front sleepers.
Eating - you unfortunately had to switch to soy. We think you have some intolerance and even breastmilk was giving you fits added to the fact that I could not keep up with your two hour eating schedule. I'm bummed about it so let's not talk about milk. End of story. Bahumbug.
Belly problems - you are on meds for reflux, you use Dr.Brown's bottles, and you go to the chiro. Something is working because you are a much more pleasant human being to be around now. I'm hoping to ween you off of the meds in a few months. Thank you, Lord, for this turn around. I thought I was going to have to be medicated for a few weeks and we all shed some tears. It was brutal to say the least, but things are looking up.
Weight - as of Monday, you were 8 weeks and 5 days old, and you weighed 13.2 lbs. with your clothes on. Big boy! How will we ever afford to feed you and Slade?
Someone is always in your face-Finley and Slade-and you just stare and probably are thinking, "Is this the lot I drew in life?" I think you're pretty lucky.

There are daily fights on who gets to hold you. I just refereed one about 30 minutes ago that ended in Finley going to her room, crying. Where are these people at night? I'm all on my own at night!

You might be smiling here because you just got the thumbs up from the pediatric orthopedic doctor that you will not have to wear any type of boots for your slightly crooked legs, feet. You have had turned in, sorta bended legs since you were born. It's something called Metatarsis something and most importantly you DON'T have it. Yay! Waited an hour at the doctors office for him to walk in and give us the thumbs up! So relieved! You are straightening out all on your own.

One of my favorite features about your cute little body is your fat little hands. I also love your hugely chunky, thick, fat Fred Flintstone feet. Oh, and your fat little back of the neck that has your reddish blonde hair. Love to kiss you right there and you smell so baby good. Basically your whole little fat body is yummy and I could eat you up with a spoon. You have lots of white-blonde hair coming in that I can see in the sunlight. You might be a cotton top-we'll see.

Seriously, could you not just eat this body up!!!

Sometimes you still let it out. You know what you want and you definitely let us all know! You still like a clean diaper at all times, you hate to be cold, and you don't like it when you can't poop, and you must eat immediately when you wake up-whether it's been one hour or three. You slept in your carseat for six hours last night. I'm thinking it might be our new favorite place at night.

You've had your first Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. That's a lot of celebrating for a little dude of 9 weeks!!! You didn't care too much about the presents. You just were concerned that we fed or held you.

My three boys. I have two sons. Wow, who knew I would have two boys?!? Lot's of bugs, trucks, smelly socks and underware, and sports in my future. Kyle said his Christmas outfits were for sissy's but I think not. A boy can wear a holiday outfit if he's under two years old in my book!

Oh the swing. The blessed, beautiful, Fisher-Price papasan swing. You save our life, little swing, and we will always be grateful for your eight swinging speeds and musical spinning animals on top. Bless you, swing. I can tell you for a fact that we ALWAYS have 6 D batteries on hand in case that baby runs out of juice. This is the third baby (Finley and Campbell being the first two) that this swing has cast it's magical spell upon and it's still making Momma Smart a very happy woman! Gunnar, you love the swing. It's second place to my arms, you rotten turkey! If you are without child, and plan to have one someday, pray-pray now that your baby will like the swing. Swings have saved lots of marriages.

You don't mind riding in pink girl things so long as someone is paying attention to you. Don't ever lay this baby down and make him look around on his own. He just won't do it. Hence, the reason why we never get a home cooked meal around here, house is messy, and I have hairy legs.

The problem with being born four days before Halloween is that you don't get to get outside much this time of year. It's a little too cold and alot too windy most days.

Slade took this pic of us on one of our miserable colic/crying/gassy/hurt stomach days. We were so desperate that we bundled up, even though it was cold, and strolled you anyways. Anything to make the crying stop!
We love you, Gunnar. You are sleeping better. You don't spit up much, unlike your siblings, so that's a plus. You keep us from being bored and you're cute to boot. I do feel like the luckiest mom around. And truthfully, I secretly love bugs, footballs, Legos, and dirty socks. And I already know enough to realize that in thirty years, I will look back and think that these sleep-deprived, crazy busy, mind boggling days, were the best years of my life. Sniff, sniff.

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The Stanford Family said...

I just love to read your blogs!!!! Maybe I will get to met your new little one in person soon!!! I will probably need to get out of the house in the next couple of weeks, just might give you a call!