Monday, August 23, 2010

My 2nd Grade Boy!

Slade's 1st day of second grade today! He's in Mrs. Greak's homeroom and has Mrs. Johnson for math and science, which is his teacher from last year that we love-she moved up.

He really has grown in a year. He looks like a big kid now! And he acts so old. He's such a good kid.

Emma and Kaleb came over for our annual in the yard pics. Finley and Emma-can't believe they can start school next year!!!! I cannot even think about that business.

Slade and Kaleb.

We all walked to school this morning. Slade didn't really act like he needed our assistance in any way what so ever, though. He just went into the room like a pro and started to visit and put away his backpack.

Yes, don't even say it-my lips look like a blowfish in this picture. They don't feel giant. I'm really not swollen at all or at least no other body parts-which is great seeing that it has been 100 degrees every day here. I did my glucose test and they called back today and that was fine, but I'm a tad bit anemic. So I just have to take some iron for that. On Wednesday, it will be 8 weeks left. Yay!
So today, I sent my firstborn to second grade. I just can't believe how quickly life passes. When you are a kid, it seems like you spend your whole life wanting to be older. After you become an adult, you spend the rest of you life wanting it to slow down. Your memories become precious. Have a great year, my second grade boy!


Crystal said...

He is getting so big. I can only imagine how you feel. I think that mine are growing too fast every day also.

Funky Finds said...

You look great! Love your necklace :) I can't believe you have a kiddo in 2nd grade...insanity!