Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bling Helps Everything!

As you know, my baby fell off the top of the wooden swing set at Brandi's house. It was quite a ways down. And I was asked by a certain member of this family to not blog about the actual "fall". So I won't come out and say his name. But I can tell you that some medium sized member of this family might have been on top of the slide at the exact same time. And this unnamed person might have been tired of waiting on a blond headed girl that intentionally wouldn't go down the slide. And him/her/it might have just given her a shove to get down the slide. And it might have backfired and she actually fell off the top and missed the slide altogether. And this certain individual might have been very distraught and guilt ridden and cried like a baby when the girl went to the hospital. I will leave this individual under "anonymous" and follow the special request not to blog about the incident. But you get the gist..........

And here is the splint and ACE bandage after it was x-rayed at the urgent care center at 9:45 last Monday night and was confirmed by a very nice doctor that is was broken. He wrapped her up, and gave us instructions to do Tylenol/Motrin all night, ice, and call our pediatrician first thing the next morning. To our surprise, nobody will cast you anymore. The urgent care place doesn't do it nor does the pediatrician. We had to be referred to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Hmmm, sure has come a long ways since the days when Dr. Franks applied a big white cast to every child in Iraan, myself included. Funny enough, I broke my left wrist when I was five or six. Thought that was weird-thank goodness Finley broke her left and completed the dance recital!!! The right wrist would have put a damper on the art princess. We do lots of coloring, drawing, beading, cutting, etc.

To our excitement and relief, the ortho fitted her with a "fracture brace" that can be removed during swimming and bath time. She can see if it will be completely healed in about four weeks! We felt so blessed that she will be able to swim. We do have to put bike riding, gymnastics, and scooters on the back burner for now. She officially has a break called a buckle fracture. Very common in children when they try to catch themselves.

And of course, we had to bling it all up!!! Pink rhinestones and super glue will do a black brace wonders! She has acted very well and it really doesn't seem to bother her much. She's a trooper.

And we took the doctor up on the swimming option this afternoon. We took the brace off and put the splint and bandage back on while they played in the sprinklers. Summer has never been better-broken bone or not! ACE bandages seem to dry out really quickly when placed in the 100 degree heat............

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Jerilynn said...

What a brilliant idea to add the pink bling to her brace - good job Mom! So glad that she can still enjoy some water fun this summer with her cutie pie cousin.