Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Parties

It was really, really cold on the day of the kids' Valentine's Day parties.

It even snowed on some cactus. And yucca plants. Kinda ironic, this photo.

Bella needed her dog coat. It's not much bigger than a sock.

And Finley had her special Valentine outfit photo made with snow in the background. Daddy went to her party. Mom went to Slade's. They were at the exact same time.

Slade had to wear his hooded Tech sweatshirt it was so chilly. He matched Mrs. Johnson. Also, it was really the only true red long sleeved shirt he had in his closet that morning.

There were lots of Valentine's to open.

And plenty of snacks.

Finley took Aunt Nori's cookies to her party. But her super organized mother forgot to send her Valentine's cards. They were sitting on the pantry shelf.

So she took them the next school day. I just forgot. Blame it on the snow.

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