Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Read

I just finished reading this.....

And it was excellent! It's about a young man who looses his parents and ends up joining the circus in the 1930's. I've always found circus people to be a bit peculiar, and after reading this, I do believe it's true. The young man narrates the story throughout the book years later when he is in the nursing home. It was such a good book. You know, now that I'm venturing out with different authors and all, i feel that I'm such a seasoned reader now! LOL! And now I must admit, the kinda real reason why I chose this book. Word in the blog world is that Reece Witherspoon-one of my favorite actresses and Robert Pattinson, gasp! aka Edward has signed on to do Water for Elephants as a movie next year!!!! So, my loyalty to Robward made me chose the book, but I actually ended up loving it and now cannot wait till it will be turned in to a real movie. If you like to read, add this one to your list.


Jerilynn said...

I read this last year and LOVED it! So excited that it is being made into a movie - that excites me almost as much as The Help being made into a movie.
I just got through listening to Saving CeeCee Hunnycutt....loved it too! sweet story.

Funky Finds said...

I read this last summer before moving and LOVED it!