Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Shmunday

It's Monday and I'm in a funk. I have the major blahhhs. Too much sleep I tell you. If I would have stayed up and read till 1am last night instead of turning in at 9:45, I wouldn't be dragging. I have reverse sleep disorder tiredness or something. I'm sad for my sweet friend who's husband is very sick. LIFE ISN'T FAIR should be stamped across our birth certificates. It's always the good people. He is such a sweet, really nice, Christian man. I don't understand.

My daughter has decided to check herself into The Bad Attitude Hotel and left her sweet personality at the door. I blame it on the snow. It's causing insanity. People are starting to loose it. I am hormonal. I won't go into detail about my female woes. My side hurts. I sent my son to school in tennis shoes with holes. Shoes that are barely two months old. Geez, does he tie the shoes to the back of a pickup and drag them to school? Do you ever have those days that you need to pick up the house and you really just look at it? Mine is still bad. I am just looking at it. Life goes on and the house will still be dirty. Cleaning it will not solve the worlds problems, therefore I will just leave it. My hair feels dirty and it's clean. My glasses broke. I wore them with one earpiece missing last night. Just needed some white tape around the nose to look like a really big dork. And I've sworn off Diet Dr. Pepper. And I'm out of chocolate. I'm thinking of chewing the top off of a chocolate covered almond that is in my pantry. But it's really old and I'm weird about expired food.

Then I came across this picture. It made me happy. My sometimes possessed/sometimes sweet-as-sugar daughter looks so precious in this photo. She was eating our favorite desert and her eyes look like chocolate. I'm trying to decide when I lick the screen whether I should choose her eyes or the strawberry for my chocolate fix. I love my kids. Slade brought home a perfect, no words missed, 105 on his spelling. Darn it if he doesn't live up to his last name.

And then I saw this picture of Campbell's bday cake. It made me happy, too. Isn't it cute. Cake makes everyone happy. I am happy to see it even though I've sworn off cake till July. A pink cake can move mountains some days, right? And it was funny to me that there are two zebra hooves in the background of the photo. Very random, but funny random. And Monday is starting to look up. Kyle just walked in with a Diet Dr. Pepper on good ice. Even though I've sworn off carbonated drinks. And Finley just brought me a single Hershey Kiss and told me she was sorry. I'm pretty sure Kyle was behind this but I'll take an apology from my three year old and a Hershey Kiss on any given day. I feel better after my chocolate bite and caffeine shot. I can put on my big girl panties and deal with Monday now. And I just remembered that Robert Pattinson is going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight after midnight. I'll stay up and watch that and get back on my sleeping schedule so I will feel rested.

She really looked cute in her ladybug towel, eating her chocolate covered strawberries. And I didn't even have to lick the screen since they brought me a Hershey Kiss. That would have been really weird anyways if I would have had to lick the screen for a chocolate fix. Thank you, Mr. Hershey, for inventing chocolate kisses. You've helped millions of women throughout the world survive Monday Shmunday. And saved the life of a certain Dell Inspiron E1505 computer screen. Amen.


Crystal said...

I, too, had the Monday Shmundays, until I read your blog. Your writing makes me smile. Hope you have a better Tuesday.

Jerilynn said...

My Monday was just weird - a precious lady's life ended today and then got news from someone that they will be bringing a new life into this world...the circle of life...miracles...and all that. sometimes it is a little much to process. I am so sorry to hear that your friend is not doing well - so many hearts broken here of late...wish I was there to share some chocolate with you - we could heat it up in my apple that is supposed to melt caramel and dip until we have to unbutton our britches!

Funky Finds said...

I cannot imagine you not drinking diet dp. You have ALWAYS drank (drunk?) guzzled? that stuff!!! Do you remember coming over to our house for lunch in 9th grade? You always had your Lean Cuisines over there! LOL Good memories. And believe me, if anyone can sympathize with wintertime is ME! I know it's a long shot, but you should think of going to Fort Worth next weekend (March 13) for our Spring Fling. Maybe it will convince you to begin selling your jewelry & other fine creations! :)

Chey-Anne Smart said...

Yes Jessica, I love my Diet DP-ever since I saw Melissa Stuard drinking it at the pool. Thought that was what all the cool kids were drinking. And I should have stuck to the Lean Cuisines from 9th
grade-my buttocks haven't seen those size jeans since you had a nose bleed all over my bedspread and we painted your room teal green! Jerilyn, when can I come over and eat? Never said I swore off caramel dip.

Funky Finds said...

nose bleed & teal paint...LOL