Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top Ten

In honor of, well, nothing really. I just don't have the patience to download photos tonight, but felt like typing. In honor of nothing, I now present you with a list of things you might not know about me. Not that anyone really cares actually, but thought I'd write them down anyways.

1. I hate to sleep. Yes, this is weird, I realize. I just wish we didn't need sleep. I don't nap. I like to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. Just think of all the books I could get to if I didn't have to sleep. Ever since I was a child I have had issues with sleep. I dread going to sleep at night when I could be doing something else.

2. I washed a contact down the water fountain when I was in fourth grade. The janitor took it apart to look for it-as if it was still there, but I appreciated the effort. I wore hard lenses then. I now wear daily throw away lenses.

3. I could once play the theme to Man from Snowy River and Canon in D by ear on the piano. I might be a bit rusty today.

4. I love to read Wikipedia. There is so much information on Wikipedia. I just click on Wikipedia and read some nights while I sit on the computer. I'm a nerd.

5. I love poetry books. Nobody knows this about me. Ramma gave me my first book of poetry.

6. I am a super typer. I learned to type in high school. I can type like nobody's business. Except numbers. I didn't learn numbers. Guess I was absent that day.

7. I am named after the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My dad picked it. Same place, different spelling.

8. I've been bitten on the back by a horse. And on the finger.

9. I love going to the dentist. I love to have my teeth cleaned. They are so smooth and fresh and someone even flosses for you! I would go once a month if I could afford it.

10. I absolutely love to address envelopes. It made my life when I got to address my graduation announcements and wedding invitations.

Now, I'm sure all will sleep better knowing these ten facts. And when your head hits the pillow tonight, know that I would rather be reading............

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Jerilynn said...

I hate to sleep too and I can't nap either. I loved zero hour in high school. The teacher said I was the only student that beat him to school in the history of his career(and he was old - lol)
I have never been bitten by a horse, but I took a friend riding once and she got bucked off and my horse Cinnamon - stepped in the middle of her back....yea - she was fine, but it could have been sooo bad.
I never learned to type - ever.
I love to read Wiki too and once stayed up until 3 am clicking on every link to serial killers. I was super facinated by the ones from the 1700's etc.
(we are sort of weird little soul sistah's Ü)
P.S. waiting on a pioneer woman post