Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacay Part #3-Daulphin Island, Alabama

So here I am wrapping up our summer vacation. 

 My beach girl on the front porch of our house.

 Cita and Gunnar having their coffee on the porch one morning. The mornings were beautiful.

Basically the only time we left the beach house was to eat a late lunch in town.

 This restaurant called, Tacky Jacks, had pieces of tape all over and you could leave a message. Ours is on the white tape. We stuck it to the bench where we ate!!!

 Posing with the giant fish!

 You were supposed to kiss the fish. Gunnar was our willing participant!

 Family Pic!

 Kyle and I on a morning walk down the beach.

 Daddy was sunning on the beach.

 Kyle, Fin, & Gunnar

 Slade "riding" the waves.

Little birdie picking for clams.

 The morning we left to head home, we took the ferry on Daulphin Island.

 Waiting for the ferry.

 We were so early, we were the first car in line.

 The kids really loved the ferry ride.

 I think this was a fort.

We stopped somewhere in Louisiana at a Bass Pro Shop so Kyle could shop.

Oops! One more of the ferry ride. Funny story...We made it all the way back to Weatherford, Tx the day we left. We got checked into the hotel around midnight. Kyle and I were in the elevator going up to the room and we got stuck. And we were stuck for about 35 minutes. It was the longest 35 minutes of my life. I will say that I do not recommend staying at the Hampton Inn in Weatherford, TX. Or if you do, use the stairs!!! For years, I have wanted to visit Gulf Shores, and it did not disappoint! It was an awesome trip! We really had a fantastic time. Lots of memories and we talk about it weekly, wishing we were sitting on the beach! I can still feel the sand on my toes..........

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