Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vacay Part #2 - Gulf Shores, Alabama

We made it to Gulf Shores on Wednesday afternoon. The last 60 miles of the trip seemed to take forever! We all felt like caged animals by the time we arrived. Since we could not check into our beach house until Thursday afternoon, we picked a neat hotel on the beach for the night.

 We immediately threw all the suitcases into the room and went to see the beach. It was really beautiful!

 This was the first time any of my kids had ever seen a beach. It was awesome watching their little faces and seeing them run around watching the waves wash over there little feet.

 On the beach behind the hotel, a guy was making these cool sand statues.

 We had to pose beside a few of his pieces. He would spray the color into the sand with little water bottles. I looked at his book of past creations, and it was really neat. He was working on a guitar when we left. We played on the beach that morning and then got our bags, ate lunch, and headed to Ft. Morgan where I house was located.

We arrived at the little green house and here was our view for the next five days.........

 Kids in front of a cool wall where we ate lunch at The Original Oyster House. It was my favorite meal of the whole trip.
 Gunnar loved the beautiful white sand. This beach has the best sand.

 Ahhh, I could stay here.....forever........

 Here's the only picture I ended up taking of the little green beach house! It wasn't fancy, but it had a million dollar view.

 Kyle actually sat down and rested. We don't see this happen often.

For the next four days, pretty much all we did was this.............

 Cita and the grands.

The sand toys we bought while there were a must have.

 Finnie and her shovel. She loved the sand, too.

 Cita lounging at the beach.

 Slade stopped to shovel sand but spent most of his days in the waves out in the ocean.

 Here are the little clams we dug up. There were millions and they would bury themselves right back into the sand when we dumped them out! It was really neat watching them. We spent lots of hours digging for clams.
 Our beautiful beach at sunset.

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