Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Studies, Snow, Super Bowl Sunday..........

Today we woke up to a couple of inches of snow!

 It snowed quite a bit from 7am to 10am although you can't see the crazy flakes from the photo.

After church, we went to eat and came home and bundled up to play!  The boys and I threw snowballs and ran around in the snow.

 This was the most Gunnar has ever enjoyed the snow. I think it was because I bought him new Texas Tech mittens and his hands were warm. He stayed out for at least an hour.

Snow angels were made.

 And lots of footprints in the snow!

 Little bitty snow angels.......

 Finley had a friend over and they finally came outside after I continued to throw snowballs at her window!

 Slade rode around the neighborhood all afternoon.

 And nothing better than warming up with hot cocoa in your undies!

Saturday morning I took Slade to Tech to compete in 5th grade UIL Social Studies. That's him posing. Saturday afternoon, I received a text that he place FIRST!!!!! We were pumped!!!

This is our Super Bowl par-tay! As you can see we went all wild with cinnamon toast and pizza pockets! We are such an exciting bunch! 

Gunnar had a weenie and strawberries. Finley watched cartoons in Gunnar's room. We had a great weekend! Brrrr! Stay warm everyone!!!

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