Sunday, January 5, 2014

New House = New Christmas Decorations!

Since we moved into the house in February, this was our first Christmas in our new house! I was able to throw out some old decorations and revamp and get a few new cute things. Some of my stuff was really, really old and needed to be chunked. I'm excited because next year, all I have to buy is our tree ornaments! Here are a bunch of pics.......

 Christmas Lighting by Kyle Smart

I picked this 2013 new house ornament for Kyle and me.

I'm always at a loss on where to hang my cards so that we all can see them. I put wide burlap ribbon down my blinds and clipped he cards on with clothespins. I liked them like this!

 The famous HANDMADE stockings. Yes, I have told you I made every darn one by hand. Amen.

 Kyle's mom's sock snowmen.

 Gunnar made this at school! Love it!

 Finley's Square One Art that I had put on an ornament. I have 5 of Slade's, too.

This is so strange. I have never seen this ornament. I was going through my Christmas bins and it was sitting on the floor of my garage. It obviously came from Morton, but I have no idea how it got into my stuff. It must have been stuck in something that I have of his mothers. It is a sweet baby ornament. What a special thing to find!!!

 Gunnar's Polar Express bell ornament from school.

 My favorite wrapping paper this year. The red was glittery. I think it was the cutest paper!

Finley's ornament pick for this year.

 Slade's ornament

 Finely in front of the tree on Christmas party day.

I love our Christmas ornaments!!! I know where every single ornament came from and that's the only thing that hangs on our tree! I even have Kyle's Sesame Street ornaments from when he was a little boy!
 My decoration splurge-Finley loves this burlap countdown calendar!!! She moved it every day!

We made these reindeer for Finley's party. I was going to make them for Gunnar's party, but I failed as a mother the next week. Sorry, G-man.

 This is Margaret's Precious Moments Nativity and I love it!

 Some of my North Pole Villages.

Ahhhh, Rob, our Elf on a Shelf, how doth I loathe you.........I am always so glad to see you go. We are Elf-Mover-Loosers if you catch my drift.

Gunnar's wreath

 Cool vintage ornament I found at an estate sale.

A larger view of the cards. I really needed a third ribbon because I had lots more cards. One of my favorite things in December is to go to the mailbox and see who's card came to us that day!!!

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