Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Parties

 Christmas lunch with Slade. My last official lunch with him in elementary school....sniff sniff. I can go anytime until May, but it's not really cool for mom to come eat with a fifth grader. I enjoyed sitting there, looking at all the parents and kids that we've seen every school day for six years. It just funny how life just flies by! I did get a little sappy. Slade has an awesome grade with awesome kids that have mostly been together since Kindergarten. We have been truly blessed. I love this whole group and school. We've had some good, good years.

 Gunnar helping me tint the icing green for the party.

 We took an afternoon to do a special day at Finley's art school. The boys came along and decorated some special things for the holidays.

 Gunnar loved painting. What kid doesn't love painting!

 Polar Express pajama day at Sugar & Spice Preschool.

Gunnar's class exchanged books during his party. We brought bananas and cheese-the healthy snack. I am realizing that since I'm the room mom for Finley's room and the 5th grade & 1st grade liaison, I have no pics from their parties because I basically ran back and forth between their classrooms like a maniac. I won't go into what a liaison is, but it is a bunch of work basically. I worked my buns off coordinating two parties, calling parents, etc. Yes, I was exhausted when the parties were over!!!

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