Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slade at Ceta Canyon 2013

 In July, Slade and some friends headed to camp at Ceta Canyon in Happy, Texas. This was his first year to go away to a camp and they were very excited!

 Slade, Hudson, Payton, & Bob-in front of the Lane's house before we left. We carpooled and Catherine and Bob rode with us.

 Here are the boys in their dorm. We got them checked in and they went and picked out which bunk beds they wanted. They were acting crazy at this point and could not tear their clothes off fast enough to put on swim trunks and go swimming! They basically rushed out the doors without even telling us goodbye! Nor were they interested in us taking photos. We were just kinda standing there as they rushed outside. They didn't really need us to hug and kiss on them. It was a little sad but we were happy that they were excited!

 Here's the pool. Ceta Canyon is a really pretty place. They have had campers there since the 1930's I believe.
All the dorm boys waiting to swim.

We left them on Monday and all was well.....until Kyle got a call on Wednesday. I had taken Slade to the doctor that Monday morning before we left and they had given him ear drops for swimmers ear which he had acquired from the river. I though the next day he would be better. That wasn't the case and evidently he was miserable with his ear by Wednesday. They told us to come get him. I had to drive back and pick him up. He was in tears. He was miserable but tears were running down his face because he didn't want to leave! I felt so bad for him! He told me he loved it there but his ear was killing him! Poor, dude!!! I told him he could go back next summer! He ended up having to take oral antibiotics-he could not hear out of his ear and it hurt probably for another 3-4 days. I guess he picked up a bad bacteria that made him have a terrible swimmers ear case. We are hoping to make it till Friday next summer!!!

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