Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Stuff

The Smart family has kept pretty busy this summer. Kyle has been working like a maniac and the kids & I just always seem to have somewhere to be! There's always somewhere to be with three kids, right?!? The kids went to church school this summer on Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks, which basically gave me two days to run errands. It was over the 12th of July. Here are a few other things that have been going on.........

 Flag Football-seems like it's become a summer regular around here.

 Slade has fun and it's good exercise. He practices T/Th and has games on Saturdays. It will end the last week of July.

 Gunnar usually walks around eating snacks during the games.

 Slade got the chance to go stay with his friend that moved to Midland and Finley went to VBS at our church this week. She LOVED it! She loved her two sweet teachers, too!

 He's getting so big. Can I say that he's really into kissing now. He walks around and gives us all kisses through out the day. It is the sweetest thing. 

 The kids have gone a few times with Brandi to the Tech pool. It's a pretty neat place.

 It has a lazy river and this little part is perfect for Gunnar to run around on.

 I will have to ask Aunt Mimi to make sure but I'm pretty sure this little suitcase is Kyle's moms. Gunnar and Finley play with it all the time.

 NEWSFLASH: No more bottles.
I actually forgot them one weekend when we went to the ranch, and there's no Dr. Brown's wide mouth bottles to be found in a 120 mile radius. Plus I would have felt ridiculous driving two hours to buy a bottle for my 19 month old. Sooooooo, we really had no choice. It wasn't too bad and when we got back home, I just didn't give them to him again. I was a little sad because we will never have bottles here again. I know, that's so silly, but it means they are growing up. And I don't like that one little bit!!! Every stage that Gunnar passes makes me sentimental bc he's the last baby Smart.

Farewell, Dr. Brown's bottles. You've served us well for many years. I will not, on the other hand, miss washing you and all your parts!


Amy Holifield said...

It's really too bad your kids don't look anything like each other.

Anonymous said...

well gosh that kinda makes me sad too---no more babies for me to feed, on to the next fun stage! Cita