Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanging Out

Last Thursday, the kids and I went to the ranch and stayed till Monday.

 We played in the creek.

 Played in the yard with chalk, sand, toys, etc.

 Made this egg salad recipe. I had never made my own egg salad and it was yum.

 And caught a frog. We also did some fireworks, drove the Ranger, swam, made cookies, played, ate homemade ice cream, read books, played Scrabble, worked goats (I didn't), helped cook, & visited!

 On another note, the other day I walked in the living room and found Gunnar sitting on top of the shelf

 Evidently he's half monkey-climbed up all alone.

 Now it's the cool place to hang out.

But not as cool as your sister giving you a mohawk.

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