Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Fall, Ya'll

Now that we've officially crept into October, can you believe it?, and the temperatures are going to be in the 70's this week, I feel like it's officially fall. Love this time of the year!!!!

What have we been up to? Finley went to the South Plains Fair petting zoo on a field trip. She started dance again-need to post those pics, and loves her gymnastics class with Mr. Ryan. She is still a singing fool-sings constantly, is rather hard headed, still not totally happy that the baby is not a girl, eats only the tops off of her chocolate doughnuts, is sleeping all night in panties-just decided one day she would quit wearing a pull-up at night-yay!, and has decided to grow her bangs out. We attempted to get her ears pierced, but she chickened out last minute and told me she thought she just changed her mind, after we filled out paper work and picked out earrings. Maybe next year.

Slade is engrossed in all things football related. Kyle and he are constantly discussing plays, positions, etc. He loves practicing, games, the uniform, his teammates, and the black paint they put under his eyes! He's a little bruised up in places and I cringe as I wait to see him get up out of the pile of blue jerseys, but we are really enjoying his first season in YFL. He practices three times per week and has a game on Sunday afternoons, so we are very busy with football this fall. On another note, school is going great for Slade. He seems very happy and is doing very well in second grade. He never complains in the morning when he gets up. I have to just take a tiny motherly moment to brag on my boy, but he is reading 161 wpm on his TPRI test (average is 60) and can read books on a fourth grade level. I'm super proud of him!!! I hope he always loves school. Oh, and did I mention he walks home from school every day? It is fabulous and I can stand in the front yard and see all the way down to the school. I know it will be very helpful when baby arrives and we can just stand and watch for brother to walk home.

We've celebrated my birthday, mom's birthday, gone to the two Tech home games, and are getting things ready for baby-who will be here in 25 days!!! I am washing clothes and blankets-Dreft smells so yummy. A few of my close friends threw me a little shower-pics to come of that-which was very sweet of them. So, all in all, the Smarts have been busy little bees. I'm ready to go buy some pumpkins and make that pumpkin bread that I crave!!! Happy Fall, Ya'll!


Crystal said...

Super Proud of Slade, what a great reader you have on your hands. Can't wait for the new baby to arrive, I know you all are so excited.

Anonymous said...

I really like that pic of both of them--wish Finnie had on her cheerleading outfit! Cita