Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sugar & Spice

Finley started Sugar & Spice preschool the week after Labor Day. She has the same teacher Slade had, Ms. Dana, so we are very excited about it!!! We love Ms. Dana and she has taught for a long time, so she knows the ropes. Finley absolutely loves it and walked in and told us goodbye the very first day. She is very social and loves to play with other kids-she likes to be doing something at all times, little busy body!!! She goes the same times as last year, Tues/Thurs, from 9-2:30. Works out great and gives me time to run errands, help Kyle if I need to, and schedule doctor appointments.

One of the sweetest things Finley does with Kyle is when he walks in the door, she runs up to him and says, "We forgot!" That means that they have to hug and kiss each other. It's so cute.

This child wears me out daily, but I couldn't love her more. She has a mind of her own, knows what wants, and let's you know it! I'm so lucky I have a girl to do all my girl things with. And she's all girl, alright. I just can't stand to think that she will be in school next year. I just try to block it out. She has been not wanting to wear her piggy tails anymore and it makes me so sad. I think they have become her trademark. If only we could freeze time!!!

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