Thursday, September 9, 2010

Purely Distraught

Well, girls, you could say that basically, I missed the boat on Monday night. Yes, it's truly a travesty. Just sad really.

This came to town. And I missed it. I have no words. The chances of him actually coming to Lubbock, Texas are a bit like winning the lotto or getting struck by lightening. But it happened. And where was I? Laying around the house enjoying Labor Day. Can I really call myself the ultimate fan when I didn't even know his whereabouts? Perhaps not. Disgraceful. But in all fairness, out of all the stars in Hollywood and all the places in the world, seriously, him and two friends are road tripping it and they pull into the Hub City. And go to a bar right of Tech campus and sit there from 5pm till 2am hanging out. I mean, this just doesn't happen. Not here.

I missed it and all I can console myself with is the fact that he didn't look like this. He looked like a hobo(in Natalie's words). Grizzly Adams beard and all. Probably trying to look not like Edward Cullen and blend into the crowd. He actually looked so hairy and hoboish, that I didn't want to post the picture. The photo that made our local news. So I will go on, loving him and all things Twilight. And living with the hope that someday, I will catch a glimpse of him, with my own two eyes. And will totally block out the realization that he was within a five freakin' mile radius of me and I didn't know it. I'm certain that one day, he will be back in Lubbock. Looking beardy and hoboish, and I can snap a photo with my own camera. And if your wondering if I would have gone downtown at midnight and stood outside with my camera, eight months pregnant and three weeks shy of turning 33? Yes, girls, yes I would. Was there ever really a doubt?


Crystal said...

I am completely bummed for you! I can understand your pain and truly feel badly. You crack me up!

Amy Holifield said...

i thought about you when i heard he'd been there and wondered if you could feel it in the air! some sort of sixth pregnancy sense.