Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It has been a whirlwind around here. Haven't had a chance to load pics from the last week, but we've had a ball!!! A few things we've been up to....
1. I went to Dallas with my sister to visit Natalie, baby Harper, and watch ECLIPSE!!! And yes, it was well worth the wait.
2. My fam went to Ruidoso to the cabins for July 4th. Actually got Kyle to stay 4 whole nights. Got lots of cute pics from that.
3. Read this book in two days while in Ruidoso, which tells you how much I got to relax! Super good book! So cute. And I started another one.
4. It rained about around 10-12 inches in Lubbock in about four days. Hence the long stay in Ruidoso. It's reeeaaalllllyyyyy wet here.
5. Devil's River trip got cancelled due to more rain in the Del Rio area. Kids are still gonna go to the ranch for a few days anyways.
6. Best of all.......Found out that snowflake is still a boy and his organs are all present and accounted for! So blessed and relieved. I'm a nervous Nellie when I go to the doctor. It's so nice to see everything is looking good. And I saw a little face in 3D! And he's looking just like a baby Smart! Ok, so I can't really tell, but he's cute.


Funky Finds said...

The river trip was canceled? Blasphemy! :( Glad ya'll had fun in Ruidoso & that things looked good on your sonogram. Very exciting!!! Conned Joe into seeing the first 2 Twilight movies, but he put his foot down on this one & said it's gonna have to wait for DVD. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah. So glad things are going well. You know my nephew had a friend named Cullen when he was growing up. I'm just sayin. Have a great July. Sarah finished drivers ed. She drives everywhere we go, so watch out!
Love you guys