Thursday, July 10, 2014

Swimming, Father's Day, Teeth, and More.......

We' ve been busy having tons of fun this summer!!! Could summer just last forever, please??? Some things the Smarties have been up to in no particular order.......

 Lots and lots and lots of swimming.....did I say we've swam a lot???

 Riding around in the alley-super fun for this dude because the neighbors have an incline driveway!

 See, they can be nice to each other. Once a month.

Too much fun=sunburns.

Chocolate cupcakes....just for the fun of it!

 Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the world!!! We love Dad!

 Before church on Father's Day.

 We went to eat brunch at Las Brisas. It was real fancy and yummy!

 The fruit dip was the best!!!

 One more pose with #1 Dad!

 I finally snuck in a photo. We soon afterward went home and took naps and swam.

 Swimming wears little ones out.....Ahhhh, gotta love summer!!!

 One day Baby Leo came to visit with his mom. He can sleep through lots of noise.

 Pretending to surf.....

 Phase One of Finley's straight teeth journey.

 A top expander. We have to turn it every night with this little key. We turn it 30 times total and then it stays in for a year.

 Shark towel = super cape!

 And someone is really into dressing himself. He changes at least six times per day. His favorite outfit at present is pajamas. Morning, noon, night, pajamas.

 One Saturday morning, Gunnar & I got up and went to the farmer's market downtown.

 We came back with some great loot! Fresh eggs, produce, oatmeal lavender soap, and the best gluten free chocolate cupcake I've ever tasted!

 Kyle went to the wedding of a high school friend. He was all spiffed up!

Oh, and I forgot to show Slade's award and medals from winning 1st place in UIL Social Studies!!!

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