Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gunnar's First Haircut

So Albert Einstein's hair was starting to get out of control. Although his brother had his first cut at 11 months, I had forgone that idea when little tiny curls had started to appear on his head and I fell totally in love with them.
 And here we are, fast forward a year. As much as I love the curls, it was a little wild. I had been thinking that I needed to take him in for a trim. Then it was confirmed when a woman in a restaurant told me "she" was so pretty. Yep, HE is pretty, I agree, but it might be time for a cut......

So I took him in to my hair dresser and was prepared for a fight. He's not a fan of us touching or combining his hair.
I had already decided that we were just getting a trim and I begged Tandy to try and salvage the curls. I really, really wanted to still have some curls. Her plan was to leave some curls in the back and making the top shorter while not making him look like he had a mullet.

I was thinking ahead and brought along my computer with a Barney video and some snacks.

 I didn't even have to pull out the snacks! We were both shocked when he sat totally still the entire cut. He never flinched, turned, or so much as made a peep! He was perfect. I don't even think he said one word!
He was just content with watching his Barney video. I was so proud of my boy!

 He just sat there and held his little cup of juice.

He's finished and we are not sure what pose he's doing with his mouth?!?

                                                                      All done!

My heart was happy when we still had some curls!!!

And I think the final product looks very handsome. Until this weekend when four, yes I said FOUR different people called him a girl. What?!? What's wrong with these people? Kyle was not happy about this. He thinks he needs to get a shorter cut.  He looks like the most handsome boy I've ever seen! He totally looks like a boy.

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