Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Life In iPhone Photos.......

Along with everyone else in America, we have been very busy the last few weeks. We had Christmas with my family on the 10th and I need to load those photos. But for now, here are my iPhone photos of what we've up to.....

Slade was so excited to make it to the school-wide Spelling Bee and he did a great job! More about that later. But for now, go ahead, click on the list. See if you can spell the words!!!

And here's G-man. I just had to send Beth a pic of him in Logan's old pj's. How stinkin' cute are babies in one-piece pajamas???

Somebody was being extra quiet. I found him in Finley's Christmas candy at 9 in the morning!

Kyle got asked to go to a Cowboy's game. He was able to be real fancy-shmancy and sit in a BOX, where they ate, drank, and were merry. Except the boys lost that night, but who cares. It was fun! I was so glad he was able to go because all he does is work. He deserved a day off!

Uuggg! The beginning of this week was a doozy! Poor G started running fever Sunday night and looked HORRIBLE on Monday! We ended up at the doctor's office where we found that he had sinus, a terrible sore throat, and a right ear infection! I could not believe it about the ear because none of my children have ever had ear infections! Isn't that crazy! Somehow we've dodged that bullet all these years. Hopefully this was a fluke and we will have no more ear infections!

My boy felt so bad. He ran 102 for two days and didn't leave my lap. Cried off and on for two nights, and hates to take his medicine! It wasn't pretty at the Smart house. Mama was about to snap! He is finally feeling better today!

I took on the challenge of making Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. I've really never done much with yeast and letting it rise and all. I did it and made a variation in her icing and all I can say is OH DEAR GOODNESS! There aren't words for the sweet goodness. I gave away about 7 plates of them (mainly so I didn't eat them-it was a great strategy!) I had lots of people happy with the way these baby's turned out!!! And yes, I agree, the bottom of my oven could use a good cleaning but no, I don't want to mess with that.

G really is loving books. Brings them to me 12 times per day and gets really excited when I read them to him!

Would you look at this! Rob the Elf wrote "joy" in toothpaste on my bathroom counter.

This is how I found Slade one morning-still in clothes. He is a night owl after my own heart. I have no idea how long he stayed up. I hope he didn't go out on the town without me knowing about it.

My three Smarts.

Finley before church last Sunday.

Slade in red at the Spelling Bee. He ended up going out at the end of the fourth round. Out of a little over 50 kids, he made it all the way to #13, with #1 being the winner! I was so proud of him!!!

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